My and Börje Peratt’s documentary ”The patient who built a hospital” has so far received 5 rewards at various international film festivals. The film is available in Swedish and English and now a film festival in Spain wants to show it. Not easy to translate the film into Spanish. Just getting started. Cinema-première took place on Dec 5, 2018.

  • 11 December 2018. Calcutta International Cult Film Festival. Selected and Nominated
  • 24 Januari, 2019. World Tolerance Awards & Prize. final round
  • 28 Januari, 2019. The Impact DOCS Awards. Award of Merit
  • 8 Februari, 2019. L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival. Award Winner
  • February, 2019. Accolade Global Film Competition. Award of Merits


Here’s how it can be written about our movie

”The patient who built a hospital” has once again been awarded a prize. Lars af Sillén & Börje Peratt (Stockholm, Sweden), The Society of Cultural Networks, has won the prestigious award ”Award of Merit” from Accolade Global Film Competition! and also The Impact DOCS Awards Competition. The awards were given for exciting and significant documentary and outstanding history.