On the go

Ongoing film project

  • An information film about trawling (trålning) of ”Norway lobsters” (havskräftor) in coastal areas in Bohuslän. Producer and photo Lars af Sillén.
  • A follow-up of the documentary ”The Doctor who refused to give up”. ”Miscarriage of justice”. Producer Börje Peratt, photo Hans Welin and Lars af Sillén.
  • Translation of the documentary ”The patient who built a hospital” into Spanish.


  • Ongoing painting.
  • Classic drawing.
  • Preparations for my and my daughter Malin’s contribution to Danderyds Konsthall:s outdoor exhibition ”Light in the dark”.

Completed film projects 2017-2019

  • Cinema documentary 2019. ”The patient who built a hospital”.
  • Information film 2018. NCS history. Lecture by Berit Bergström.
  • Cinema Pilot 2018. ”John Bauer & Mountain King”.
  • Cinema Pilot 2018. ”Land of Wooden Gods”.
  • Documentary 2017. ”Inter cultural communication”
  • Documentary 2017. ”The doctor who refused to give up”.
  • Information film 2017. A successor to ”Volunteer in Danderyd”.


  • Planning a motorcycle tour to Norway for the ”FMK Tre Vapens” motorcycle section.
  • Trying to lower my handicap in golf.